Kalagura Gampa

Kalagura Gampa say Live by choice, not by chance and others say Flow the flow. Aren’t they paradoxical? Well, in the initial days of our life we survived by accepting all the chances and doing our best. It is a flow. A couple of decades later we decided to live by our own terms and conditions, not by external influences. It is by choice.

Welcome to Kalagura Gampa. The life of timelessness, the life of purity, life with bliss and joy, and of course the life by choice.

A beautiful childhood in the countryside, innocence at play, vibrant mornings, glorious sunsets, and starry nights seem like a memory of past life. The gorgeous Brindavan was made into reality with endless struggle, persistent focus, and great support from my family. I was able to create my little Brindavan on the outskirts of Hyderabad just as I dreamt. The YouTube channel “Kalagura Gampa” was created to share my dreams, thoughts, tips for health & garden, and of course to share my Grandma’s recipes.



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